• 2.75” ear holes for patient monitoring
  • Anti-residual sticky tape on bottom
  • Includes a set of head/chin tapes
  • Adult: 10.25" x 2.75" top / 4.125" bottom x 5.25"
  • Pedi: 6" x 2" top / 3" bottom x 4"
  • Specs

Mass Casualty Incident Head Blocks

The Pro Lite® Disposable Head Immobilizer is made of the same high density foam as our other immobilizers. The stripped down version has many of the same features, but has a lower cost making it an ideal mass casualty incident head immobilizer.

Anti-residual sticky tape on the bottom allows easy application and removal to any spineboard. The disposable version also has 2.75″ ear holes for patient monitoring. The Pro Lite® Disposable Head Immobilizer comes in pairs for both adult and pediatric sizes and include a set of head/chin tapes.

Pro Lite® Disposable Head Immobilizer Item List

Item #717DHBLIAdult
Item #721DHBLIPediatric
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